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Sci-fi 1954: ‘Devil Girl from Mars’

©ourtesy of   arcaneimages devil Girl from mars x1An uptight, leather-clad female alien, armed with a ray gun and accompanied by a menacing robot, comes to Earth to collect Earth’s men as breeding stock.

Director: David MacDonald : Writers: John C. Mather (play), James Eastwood (play), 1 more credit Stars: Patricia Laffan, Hugh McDermott, Hazel Court

devil Girl from mars

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Inside the making of ‘Elysium’

©ourtesy of entertainmentweekly

matt d

This week in EW: We go inside the making of Elysium, this summer’s most provocative (and political) action film.

Here’s a synopsis:

The year is 2154 and Earth has become a Third World slum. The wealthy have long since departed, inhabiting an exclusive satellite paradise where advanced medical technology heals any ailment, from a hangnail to terminal cancer, in seconds. Damon plays Max, an orphan who dreams of the Eden in the sky, but is stuck slaving at a Los Angeles factory that manufactures droids. When he is accidentally irradiated, Silkwood-style, and told he has five days to live, Max hatches a plan to save himself. To do that, though, he’ll have to team up with a band of revolutionaries determined to make Elysium accessible to all. Standing in his way are Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster), head of Elysium’s Civil Cooperation Bureau, who guns down any illegal spaceship attempting to enter the satellite’s orbit, and her psychotic henchman (District 9‘s Sharlto Copley), dispatched to take Max and his crew out.

Ocean Waves and a Summer of L O V E.

©ourtesy of stay-oceanminded reblogged purfectonized: Source: henrrydelavega UNLESS …you run into  TSUNAMIS !!Read more: Ocean Waves and a Summer of L O V E.

Mother’s Day 2012…we Celebrate

To ALL the MOM’S of Earth

Nobody’s Like You, Mom

Nobody’s quite like you, Mom.
You’re special in every way.
You cheer me up, you fill my cup
With tenderness, come what may.

Nobody loves me like you, Mom.
No matter what I do,
Good or bad, happy or sad,
You support me; You always come through.

Nobody’s equal to you, Mom.
With you in my life, I’m blessed.
I love you so, and I want you to know
I think you’re the very best!

Poem By Joanna Fuchs

©Photo courtesy of TT Coles

Sunday April 22, 2012

Celebrate & Praise the EARTH for All the Gifts it has bestowed upon us.

Earth Day 2012 (4/22) (daddyweekly.me)

And so we shall sleep – Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day in Brooklyn Sunday April 22nd 2012

My gift to you of 12 landscape and seascape photographs for Earth Day 2012

Blue Moon

©ourtesy of BARRE NONE ~ Cem Catbas

A marvel born now and anon

Of a lunar southwest monsoon

Same month twice a full moon

Once in a blue moon at noon

Blue Moon.     Read more…

Art of the Power of Green Earth

©ourtesy of art-profiles.com

Our mother Nature, alternatively called Earth is a beautiful silent and sometimes a violent place that hides inspiration inside of it. We want to share with you some dreamy images that will make your heart and mind calm a bit and give you power and will to visit same landscape destinations. Earth is our treasure,our girl,our woman. We must look after “her” and believe us,will come a time that all winds and sun shines gonna work for us. For other people, Earth is like a child that needs care and for … Read more


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