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Edward Hopper ‘Soir Bleu’ 1914

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Art nouveau, think Tamara de Limpica

©ourtesy of The Automat

I am a sucker for a lot of different things. I love the expressionists, the cubists, the surrealists, art deco, art nouveau, impressionism. Goodness, I guess I like almost everybody except whoever is creating art deco right now. It is probably cliche to notice how common it is to look backward and admire everything only to look around you and be disgusted. I suspect that says more about our personal sense of satisfaction and fulfilment than it does about the art we presume to judge, but maybe not. The art nouveau, Read more: Art nouveau, think Tamara de Limpica

Tell us just how beautiful is this work of art …?

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Inspirational: RUN, JUMP, LIVE

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The Male Figure in Art

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Buzelli/Bosch works

©ourtesy of Buzelli/Bosch canarypublicrelations :: 

Chris Buzelli is something of a modern day Hieronymus Bosch.  His paintings and illustrations often depict a future where the hubris and self-destructive tendencies of civilization have ruinous results.  Bosch warned against sexual immorality and sin and its devastating consequences in the afterlife in his colorful, whimsical, and horrific paintings.  Buzelli is more concerned with the environmental and social consequences of our actions.   Read more

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Reggie Duffie – Simply Miles

©ourtesy of Smooth Jazz Life

Reggie Duffie of Duffie and Duffie Visual Designs, creates custom artwork and portraits, and can create a custom portrait from your photo. Most of his recent artwork and design is created digitally, combining years of traditional art techniques with the ever-expanding capabilities of digital painting. These detailed digital paintings are all originals, created by the artist’s hand from scratch using a simple track ball mouse as a virtual paint brush and the computer screen as a virtual canvas. No Read more:

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